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Payments and Security 

 How to pay your order? is in partnership with Ogone. 

Transaction effected on are rendered secure by the Ogone payment system All the information exchanged to process the payment is encrypted using the SSL protocol. These data cannot be detected, intercepted or used by third parties, and are NOT kept into our computer systems.  

Ogone is a techinical service provider, and does not take care of disputes linked to the orders. These should be settled directly with and/or your banking organization. 

For further information about Ogone go to or contact the company customer service by email:

All orders will be on process right after the 'CB &CB system Group' validation. 

This label guarantee the SSL standards use to secure the Internet connections and links. Feel free to click on this label for more information. 
 What are the credit card types accepted? 
We accept the following credit card types :
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard / Eurocard
For security reasons to prevent any fraudulent transactions, Ogone may refuse international cards. if so, will require a U.S credit/debit card or a bank transfer for your order payment.
 Track your purchase on the Web
Print or save on your computer the sum up of your order, the invoice, your order total amount or  number.

These information will be useful in the future should you wish to contact our Customer Service. 

How to check my  credit card security and safety? 
Some web sites use a secure connection between the web site and your browser. This may be important to you, for instance, if you want to pay online for a product or a service and have to enter credit card information or other personal information.

To know if your browser is viewing a secure web site, you can look in the lower right part of the window. There is a small box in the frame of the window to the left of the area that describes which zone you are in (usually the Internet zone, with a globe icon). If you see a yellow padlock icon, the web site you are viewing is a 'secure web site.' If the box is empty, the web site does not have a secure connection with your browser. You can also have a look at the URL: if it starts with [https://] , you are on a secured page; if the URL starts with're not.




Not secured

Netscape 1.2, 2.0
et 3.0

Left bottom

Clé Brisée

Clé Intacte

Netscape Communicator (4.0)

Left bottom

Cadenas Ouvert

Cadenas fermé

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Right bottom


Cadenas fermé

Ogone is in charge to check the security of your Internet page before payment.